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Your unique story recorded in your heartfelt voice will be a time capsule of comfort and support to your children and descendants.

We all have a unique story that defines us- we’ll help you share it.  

Together we will professionally document how you want to be remembered through the telling of stories that matter to you and your loved ones. This process captures a person's true essence.

We'll explore the choices you’ve made, the paths you’ve taken and

the experiences that define you.

Sharing these unique experiences, life lessons and wisdom can provide guidance and family history to future generations.

Why create a Legacy Tree Video?

What You’ll Gain:

  • A high-quality professionally produced video that engages you throughout the process in telling your story in your own words about your life and experiences

  • Your family history, memories and stories preserved in your voice

  • An opportunity for introspective reflection

  • Ability to connect generations of your loved ones with a unique, tangible and lasting message

Our Service To You:

  • We guide and film introspective biographical interviews in the comfort of your home

  • We add music (when appropriate) and edit your family photos into the video

  • We provide the final videos in digital files to easily share

  • We remove our presence from the interview footage during post-production so your family and future generations can focus solely on your message

  • We offer different packages to fit your budget

  • Filming of family photos, family trees, genealogy records or other collections on the day of the interview so they do not have to leave your home

The Experience:

We will begin with an introductory in-person meeting to get to know each other and to answer questions you have about the process. We'll provide a list of sample questions to get the ball rolling and resources to help you prepare for the experience. The introductory meeting can also be done over Zoom/FaceTime/phone call and usually takes place a week or two before the filmed interview to give you time to gather stories and prepare your thoughts. 

The interview will follow a path that begins with your family ancestry and your parents, then flows into your childhood, early memories, teenage and young adult life, marriage, parenting and family experiences, career, retirement and later life.


Interviews generally take between 90 minutes to 4 hours depending on your project. We'll take breaks along the way and will make the process fun and comfortable for you. I've always been more comfortable behind the camera so I can relate to people who have hesitations about being filmed.  I've interviewed hundreds of people and have developed a strategy to help all of my interviewees feel at ease. The camera will eventually fade away and the focus will be on our conversation allowing your personality to shine through. 


As a stranger hearing your stories for the first time, I'll actively listen and follow up with introspective questions aimed to clarify and build upon your story and to explore your personal thoughts and inner wisdom. This in-depth conversation will lead to the best answers about who you are and what you value.

Our Services

Past Interviews and Creative Work

Share your story Legacy Tree Video

Share your story  Legacy Tree Video
Share your story  Legacy Tree Video

Share your story Legacy Tree Video

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The Hitchhiker's Legacy Story

The Hitchhiker's Legacy Story

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Mercury & Lead Legacy Story

Mercury & Lead Legacy Story

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Examples of past interview setups

Examples of past interview setups

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About Me

Matthew is an award-winning producer, writer and director who has spent the past twenty years interviewing people about their ideas and experiences. His work has been broadcast on NBC, ABC, PBS, Paramount+ and  the Washington Post. He has directed an array of projects including commercial films, national TV ads, history-focused documentaries and content for corporations, non-profits and government.


Matthew holds degrees in film, history and business. He is a commercial producer and documentary interviewer whose work has been recognized by the Emmy Awards, Webby Awards, the American Marketing Association, CINE, the Telly Awards and TIVA-DC. He has interviewed Acadamy-Award winners, network news anchors, CEO's, teachers, children, business owners, and families; including his own parents and grandparents.


I've written, produced, and filmed hundreds of videos, ads, short films, corporate videos and mini-documentaries throughout my career and have been honored to earn top awards from industry-leading organizations including:

Matthew Fredericks Emmy Award

Three Emmy Awards for my advertising and news productions while on staff at American University

Matthew Fredericks Webby Logo

Webby Honoree Award for an ad I wrote and directed for American University's Kogod School of Business

Matthew Fredericks Telly Award

Thirty-nine Telly Awards for my marketing, advertising, documentary, news and education productions.

Matthew Fredericks TIVA logo.jpg

Television, Internet & Video Association of DC Award(s) for Marketing, Public Relations and documentary productions

Matthew Fredericks CINE Golden Eagle

Three CINE  Awards for my advertising, training and fundraising productions.

Matthew Fredericks CASE_BADGE.jpg

Case Awards for brand strategy and advertising productions I managed while on staff at American University and Bowling Green State University

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Washington, DC 20016


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